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 Strategy for Maxed-Out Hitter

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PostSubject: Strategy for Maxed-Out Hitter    Mon Oct 08, 2012 2:19 pm


Success Mode Strategy ~ 14 Early Steps for Building a Maxed-Out Hitter

1} Roll for a new character with decent Core Abilities. For a player with no inherent abilities, TRJ 1, CON 1, PWR 45+, with 3’s, 4’s and 5’s everywhere else is very solid. Otherwise, I highly recommend a player with Pr Sense. Your abilities will be higher (TRJ 2, CON 3, PWR 75, with 4’s, 5’s and 6’s everywhere else) and Pr Sense is easy to get rid of.

2} For Frank’s first practice, choose "Play Catch" and S/L until you get Throwing Ability.

3} Visit Sittch ASAP in month 2 (March):
- S/L Activity 1 until you receive Hot Hitter and Gd B2B HTR.
- S/L Activity 2 until you receive Gd Sense (or get rid of Pr Sense). The correct answer is “Behind the Tree.”
- S/L Activity 3 until you receive Mizzoto Glove Pro (FLD +1, ERES +1). The correct answer is “Neither.”

4} Do not Boost abilities until Year 1 Apr Wk 4, immediately before your first playable game, unless you have rid yourself of Pr Sense and acquired the Gambler’s Ring.

5} Finding Jaw during March or April of Year 1 is preferred, but not necessary. Your first order of business with Jaw should be to Find Dog in 2 Weeks, S/L for Surprise Bag, S/L for Gambler’s Ring.

6} Once you receive the Gambler’s Ring, Boost/Gamble immediately after each practice and/or acquisition of Experience Points gained from events unless you are saving Experience Points for a specific 4-category gamble (i.e. saving a little bit of Strength to combine with one Fielding Practice or saving a little bit of Quickness to combine with one Throwing Practice).

7} When practicing/boosting early on, focus on Power. This will help to perform well in games. Make Contact your #2 priority and Running Speed your #3 priority. The first wave of Special Abilities you should target are Power Hitter, Spray Hitter, Refined, VS Lefty 4 and 5, and Grt IF HTR. Contact Hitter is another good one, but Siitch will give this to you for free when you complete his arc. You can also get Power Hitter and VS Lefty 4 for free by performing well in games, so you might want to spend those points elsewhere.

8} Visit Bison at the beginning of April (after you get paid for March) and spend all of your money on Carryover Chocolates ($50 ea). Eat one immediately. The item will be grayed out until the effect is over. As soon as the effect wears off, eat another one (or use Smiling Faces handy chart). Repeat indefinitely. You can save the Discount Coupon for an equipment haul (bat, spikes and waxes) at the end of the game, but Marvin will eventually give you another one. I usually combine my first coupon with the money I get from the thief to load up on bat waxes prior to Season 2.

9} Fill the Energy Bar through Free Time Activities. Never buy Energy Drinks. Energy Bar should be full or nearly full by end of Year 1.

10} Speaking of Free Time Activities, do not underestimate their value. For example, a run in the Park or a hike in the Mountains will net you Strength and Quickness Points. There is no practice that can net you Strength and Quickness Points at one time, and unlike practices, a run in the Park can be performed with an empty Vitality gauge.

11} When you must Practice, try to do it Week 4 for extra Experience Points. However, never Advance to get more turns for Week 4 at the expense of the Weekly Commands Bar. An additional turn is more valuable than a Week 4 practice.

12} Be an efficient booster by calculating the best way to spend your Experience Points before boosting. For example, you might be able to boost both Arm Strength and Running Speed if you boost Arm Strength first, but not the other way around.

13} To restore Vitality, eat a Spicy Dog Special (+50 or +60 for $Cool or a Chinese Combo (+75 or +70 for $50). Eat a Steak when you need to restore a small amount of Vitality and are boosting Power, particularly late in the game.

14} There are 5 playable Games during Year 1. Goal for Scout Points should be approximately 10+ per game average. It’s OK if you only receive 8 Scout Points during the first couple of games as long as you make up the difference in future games as your hitter grows stronger. The Scout Points you accumulate through games, the occasional practice and the Scout Test will be more than enough to get you into the AAA lineup and into the pros. No Shiny Fragrance or Prince necklace is required.

If you follow these steps and S/L your way into the off-season, the rest will be a cakewalk with minimal S/L required.
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PostSubject: Re: Strategy for Maxed-Out Hitter    Mon Oct 08, 2012 2:22 pm


My fav smilie= afro

dishnetkid wrote:
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Strategy for Maxed-Out Hitter
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